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More to come Always being updated. Suggestions, Additions,  Corrections, new ideas, 'Atttaboys', 'you goofed accepted at tom_mooney18@yahoo.com
This is a link to old Crestwood
Camera Club web  pages of my
photography, that I hope you will
Spring 2018: Easter in Ramsey, A
Talent Show,  Heeer's Kaiser and
Some Bushes at "63"  Just Click
Starting  September 8, 2018, Cybergaffer is undergoing a
major face-lift.  I'll attempt to bring uniformity to the
pages and update older content while introducing
additional topics.  Many links have become obsolete.
I will be concentrating on the Ancestry based  " Story of a
Family."   I will rely on visitors  to these pages to keep me
honest and bring additional data, stories and images to fill
out the leaves and branches of our family tree.
Please email me at tgiftlm@comcast.net
Cybergffer   Content
Under Construction.  Much more to be done