Cybergaffer Photography
Sacred Heart  Cathedral
Newark Ne Jersey
Ite, Missa Est, Procede In Pacem       Go, The Mass  Is Finished, Let us Proceed InPeace.
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17   Facade from sidewalk
17  Mike, Terry, Lee and Louise approaching central archway into the Basilica of the Sacred Heart
16 Foyer with view of
Main Altar
Terry walking down central aisle toward altar.
2  View of sanctuary from our pew.  The towering Botticino marble canopy, or baldachino, is topped by the figure of Jesus
under the title of the Sacred Heart.
2  Center top  stained glass windows are part of the clerestory  
2              Telephoto shot with details of
windows nnd statue of Sacred Heart.  
Side Aisle
2  Sanctuary shot of episcopal throne
with choristers flanking the organ.  
2  Backing up a few steps, I was able to capture the elaborate carvings of Appalachian oak and Bottochino marble.  Throughout the
basilica the eye constantly treated to unexpected beauty in color, texture and shapes.
Facade Rose Window viewed from steps of
11           Vestry with detail of stained glass windows.
3    Repostory Altar
Blessed Sacrment is reserved on side altar with closeup of stained glass window
St Patrick Chapel
of the
Blessed Virgin
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