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More to come Always being updated. Suggestions, Additions,  Corrections, new ideas, 'Atttaboys', 'you goofed accepted at tom_mooney18@yahoo.com
Terry and Lee Hegarty, Mike
Hegrty, Lu and I visited Sacred
Heart Cathederal,  Basilica in
Newark NJ on November 11
  •  Multiple-page sites will be text intensive.  much like an E Magazine.  
    Example "Geneaology, a Family's Story" There will be some multiple-
    page websites with 'Galleries" contained within them.
"Cybergaffer"   is intended to be a host to various websites.  The primary use
is for family and friends whom I hope  will visit and  email me ideas, photo
files, stories and  particularly  for
"Genealogy, A Family's Story."  

Cybergaffer web pages are of two types:
  • One-- page sites are photo galleries.  "Christmas at Tom's" is a case in
    point.   These are best viewed by adjusting the page upon opening.  Then
    navigate the site by dragging the page across screen of the device and
    further enlarging or decreasing the images with your fingers.
Ever come  across  a dusty box in the darkest corner or an
attick?   Well,  this  page is  a digital version of this much
neglected treasure trove.  Here  you will find a bunch of old
photos,  not idnentified, stacked helter-skelter and tempting you
to browse.

Simply click on  a file and it will open up and you'll get a larger

Poke around and enjoy.   I'll be relocating them as A FAMILY
STORY  develops.
This is a link to old Crestwood Camera Club
web  pages of my photography, that I hope
you will enjoy.